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Entrust your case to First Point Law Group P.C.

Only an experienced attorney understands how local, state or federal law applies to your case. Take advantage of First Point Law Group P.C.'s seasoned legal team when you need a family, criminal defense or personal injury lawyer. We fight aggressively for our clients' rights, doing everything we can to achieve the outcomes they desire.

First Point Law Group P.C. has three offices in Virginia. Contact us today to make an appointment at whichever location is convenient for you.

Our numbers speak for themselves

When you're facing serious criminal charges or a tough legal battle, you can't afford to lean on an inexperienced attorney. First Point Law Group P.C. has a proven track record. Here are the stats we're proud of:

  • Over 300 DUI victories in Virginia-we never walk into court unprepared. We'll use proven strategies to try to persuade the judge to decide in your favor. At the very least, you'll walk out of court knowing that we never wavered in our fight for your rights.
  • Over $2 million awarded-recently, we helped our clients obtain $100,000 in damages and receive 100% of the family assets. Your case could be another success story.
  • One dedicated legal team-our results-oriented attorneys have the experience necessary to handle complex civil litigation and criminal, family and immigration law matters.

Whether you're dealing with a traffic ticket, going through a divorce or being accused of a federal crime, you can feel confident choosing us to represent you.

Think you can't afford to hire us? Think again.

Premier representation doesn't have to cost a fortune. You'll find First Point Law Group P.C. offers affordable legal services. We'll work closely with you at every point in your case. Rest easy knowing we'll uncover the facts, speak with prosecutors on your behalf and explore every possible solution.

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Families are the most important tie we have. They are the people we are closest to, the people we know the best. They are also the people who we sometimes need help with the most. A Fairfax, VA, family and divorce lawyer can be necessary sometimes as your household goes through various changes over the years. If you are facing a major life event involving a loved one, let First Point Law Group, P.C., help you handle it smoothly and in a stress-free manner. Don't leave your divorce and custody issues up to chance. Call today!

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