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If you have been recently arrested for drinking and driving, a Fairfax DUI attorney can help. If you are convicted of driving drunk, it can carry a heavy fine and possible jail time. It may also result in the loss of your driving rights for up to six months. Any and all of these results can harm your future, and that's why you want someone to represent you in court and try to minimize penalties. The attorneys at First Point Law Group-DUI have a wide array of legal experience, so pick up the phone and give them a call today.

Many of the residents of Northern Virginia have government jobs that rely on certain security clearances

Getting arrested for reckless driving or DUI can result in the stripping of these clearances, resulting in the loss of your job. We at First Point Law Group have helped hundreds and hundreds of people out when it comes to these types of cases. We promise to review all of the evidence against you. This means looking at who pulled you over as well as what types of tests were administered, how they were administered, and by whom. Our attorneys will work with you to find a way to reduce the fines and penalties against you. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and that's why you should choose us as your attorneys.

We offer free consultations and good legal advice, so why choose another Fairfax DUI attorney?

We at First Point Law Group understand that you may have made a mistake when it comes to driving, call 703-385-6868 will help you get your life back on the road.